Meetings and events

Piloting joint courses

  • 08-09 April 2021- Piloting MOOCs on «Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in the Arctic and High Mountainous Areas» in Siberian Federal University, Russia - agenda, meeting report
  • 14-15 August 2019 - Piloting of the Module 1 called “Ecological aspects of urbanization in mountain areas” in the Royal University of Bhutan - article, report

Coordination meetings

  • 20 April 2021 - SUNRAISE session of the Workshop and Roundtable "Green and Blue Urban Infrastructure Innovation for Northern Eurasia" in Saint-Petersburg, Russia - agenda
  • 9-10 July 2019 - SUNRAISE Consortium Meeting at Salzburg University, Austria - agenda, minutes
  • 15-17 February 2018 - Kick Off Meeting in Bremen (UniHB) - agenda, meeting report

Stakeholder and dissemination events

Onsite seminars and faculty training

Summer Schools

  • 15-29 July 2018 - International Summer School "Monitoring and Early Warnings in Mountain Social-Ecological Systems" (SFU, GASU) - agenda, report, evaluation
  • 07-21 July 2019 - International Summer School "Sustainable Natural Resource Use in Arctic and High Mountainous Areas" (University of Salzburg, Austria, in cooperation with SUNRAISE and the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE)) - agenda, report, quality assessment report
  • 24 July - 06 August, 2021 - International Summer School START! "SusTAinability tRansiTion of borderlands" - call, application link

SUNRAISE Conferences