SUNRAISE Russia's start-up seminar in St.-Petersburg

  • 24 March 2018

On March 12-13, 2018, the SUNRAISE Russia's team and EU colleagues from Bremen and Tartu had a meeting st Russian State Hydrometeorological University in S.-Petersburg, Russia. The purpose was to clear all the main issues as regards SUNRAISE implementation in Russia (also in a view, how we approach that globally), to discuss SUNRAISE with our end-users, and also with students, including PhD students. Another objective was to get better acquainted with capacities of our host institution - RSHMU. Everything was done as laid dow in the agenda. It was a very stimulating meeting that demonstrated a high level of motivation in the consortium, and that all the objectives and methods for their achievement are well received and shared. The dialogue with students and end-users was also highly productive, and gave us a confidence that we are on a right track, and that our project is more than likely to be very successful!