Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU)

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The Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU) is a public research university located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU) is the key higher education centre in Russia in the area of hydrometeorology and environmental sciences. Over a long period, the main aim of RSHU (formed in 1930) was to train personnel in the fields of meteorology, hydrology and oceanology. Lately it has started training specialists in the allied fields, such as ecology and economics. In 1994, RSHU received the status of the Regional Training Centre (RTC) of the WMO. In 2015, RSHU has merged with the State Polar Academy and enforced its standing as the national centre for polar research. The University has eight faculties (Meteorological, Hydrological, Oceanological, Environmental, Information Technologies, Philological, Traditional Arts, Economic Policy and Management) of which the faculties of Ecology and Meteorology will primarily be involved in the project.
RSHU also administers a campus in Tuapse, Russia. Over 6,000 undergraduates, graduate and post-graduate students both from Russia and 50+ countries are currently enrolled at RSHU. Founded in 1930, the University became one of the leading national institutions of higher education in hydrometeorologicaly, environmental science and climate change.
RSHU top research areas include Atmospheric and Oceanic Processes, Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction, Weather Analysis and Forecasts, Climate Change, Environmental Studies and Management, Social Sciences. The University has a special focus on the Arctic region, including issues related to the preservation and development of indigenous peoples’ culture and traditions.
RSHU is an active participant of various international educational and scientific activities: member of the University of the Arctic (UArctic); BRICS contact point on Prevention and Elimination of Natural Disasters; UNECSO Oceanographic Chair holder; member of UNESCO-UNITWIN. For many years the University cooperates with the scientific and educational institutions from Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Poland, China, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, USA and others.
RSHU is a certified and worldwide acknowledged training center of the World Meteorological Organization, and one of the leading research center on the coastal and sea zone of the Arctic region.


Upcoming SUNRAISE events

  • 12-13 March 2018 -  SUNRAISE Seminar in St.-Petersburg