Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU)

Partner description

The mission of the Estonian University of Life Sciences is to guarantee sustainable use of natural resources and enhance rural development. The EMU is the only university in Estonia whose priorities in academic and research activities provide the sustainable development of natural resources necessary for the existence of Man. According to QS World University Rankings by Subject (2015), EMÜ is one of top 100 universities in the world in the field of agriculture and forestry, ranked 51 to 100. The university also belongs to the top 1% most cited research facilities in the world in the field of plant and animal science as well as environment and ecology. EMU is a leading institution for research, teaching and training in the forestry, biodiversity conservation, agricultural and environmental sciences, bio-economy in the Baltic Region. The Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (IAES)  is  an interdisciplinary research and educational centres for among others sustainable forestry, novel business models in forestry and agriculture, sustainable growth of rural areas, management of landscapes and natural resources, biodiversity, environmental economics, mapping and evaluation ecosystem services, nature based solutions. Staff members of EMU have conduction research from Artic to tropics, from lowland to high mountains.  EMU’s expertise is widely used by European and international organisations, in collaborative projects. EMU was involved in several projects related to SUNRAISE: AlterNet, EUMON, BIOPLATFORM, GEM- EBONE, ESMERALDA, BlueHealth, Nordplus project “Climate Change teaching in Greenland”.