SUNRAISE Dissemination

SUNRAISE dissemination is organised according to its Dissemination and Exploitation strategy that was developed and agreed by project partners. The key target groups - the academia witin and outside the formal partnership, stakeholders representing the world of profession and students (current and future ones) are reached through publications in corporate and regular media, consultations, workshops, conferences and training events (see SUNRAISE events, training and reports on media presence, and SUNRAISE dissemination materials developed for the whole project and by project partners).

The world of profession and broader stakeholder circles are further addressed by SUNRAISE Stakeholder-academia collaboration platforms set up in different SUNRAISE regions and focusing on training and capacity building needs specific to these regions.

In order to consolidate stakeholders and academia concerned with the sustainable future of the Arctic and SUNRAISE mountain regions, we are planning a series of international SUNRAISE academia-praxis conferences. The first one Transboundary Regions under the Global Change - challenges and development trajectories was organised in Gorno-Altaisk, Russia on November 26-28, 2019. Putting it forward under this title we recognise the transboundary nature of our regions and an urgent need for efficient international collaborative efforts. In 2020 we have planned the second SUNRAISE conference in Nainital, India that was fully prepared, but cancelled last minute due to globally spreading travel buns. In 2021, in response to the global COVID19 pandemics situation and following the decision of the SUNRAISE Steering Comittee, we have launched a series of sectoral seminars and roundtable highlighting various aspects of SUNRAISE impact in science-policy circles. This series was intended to replace the second SUNRAISE conference. Such a strategy was taken because smaller scale events are easier to announce and conduct, and through them we have an opportunity to reach our target audiences in a more focused manner. The first event took place in St.-Petersburg (April 19-20, 2021) and focused on green and blue innovation for cities, while the second one, focusing on sustainability of borderlands and transborder environmental cooperation (July 26-27, 2021) is taking place in Pskov. The Conference event organised by the Himalayan segment of the SUNRAISE consortium is Workshop and webinar "Himalaya Diwas 2021" (online; September 9, 2021 - announcement, agenda, report).

As a separate initiative aiming at understanding and spreading the SUNRAISE impact, we want to highlight the Outcome Dissemination Programme in the Rural Areas of the Middle Himalayan Mountains, Uttarakhand, India carried out by the team led by Prof. Prakash Tiwari (Kumaun University, Nainital) during September 1-30, 202. This initiative has been leaunched in order to understand the current and perspective impact of SUNRAISE on local communities with poor or no Interner coverage, but which, however are in the centre of the community outreach by Kumaun University, Nainital, and which were very much in the focus of SUNRAISE survey and dissemination work during the first phase of the project, and have been continuosly addressed through curriculum development, research training (e.g. PhD thesis topics) and institutional building work by SUNRAISE. The report on the outcome dissemination program is available here.

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