SUNRAISE management and Quality Assurance

In order to ensure that SUNRAISE delivers high quality results in timely manner, the project has simple, transparent and efficient management structure and functional quality assurance arrangements. The whole responsibility for the project is taken by the project coordinator, Dr. Jun Zhao of the University of Bremen, who is helped by the project manager, Dr. Igor Novopashenny of the same university. In their work they mske sure that all the project activites are planned in a reasonable advance and implemented according to thr project workplan. Where it is neccesery, discussed and agreed by the Steering Group. The Steering Group is a collegial body representative of SUNRAISE partnership. It helps to reach decisions, which are recognised by everyone in the project as legitimate and transparent. The Steering Group includes the following members:

When neccesery, more rfepresentatives of partner institutions or external experts can be invited as well. The most important strategic decisions are taken by the General Assembly of SUNRAISE partners.

Each project deliverable is overseen by a lead and a co-lead of a relevant work package, who are closely cooperating with the project coordinator and the Steering Comittee. Here is the list of work package leads and co-leads:

  • WP1 Preparatory activities: Gorno-Altaisk State University (Natalia Iurkova,
  • WP2 SUNRAISE curricula and learning contents: Paris Lodron University Salzburg (Jürgen Breuste, and Royal University of Bhutan (Om Katel,
  • WP3 Development of SUNRAISE e-services: Russian State Hydrometeorological University (Eduard Podgaisky, and Siberian Federal University (Nina Pakharkova,
  • WP4 Development of governance and organisational arrangements: Estonian Life Science University (Kalev Sepp, and Jawarharlal Nehru University (Pawan Kumar Joshi,
  • WP5 Quality control and monitoring: University of Bremen (Igor Novopashenny,
  • WP6 SUNRAISE dissemination and exploitation: Estonian Life Science University (Kalev Sepp, and Altai-Sayan Mountain Partnership (Tatjana Yashina,
  • WP7 SUNRAISE management: University of Bremen (Jun Zhao,

In order to achieve stronger cohesion as well as even more rigorous level of quality assurance in the project, SUNRAISE has hired an External QA Assurance Officer and Course Reviewer, who has started working as of February 2020.

More details about the principles and instruments of project management and quality assurance in SUNRAISE can be found in the overview of SUNRAISE Management Strategy, the Quality Control Plan and Quality Criteria.

The most important decisions regarding the project implementation can be found in: