SUNRAISE research framework

The SUNRAISE research framework is a framing document outlining issues, problems, discussing the latest international literature and possible directions of relevant PhD research. It is based on an overview of policy-relevant issues related to the thematic scope of SUNRAISE and offers references to international and European policy documents and scientific assessments focusing on or strongly featuring SUNRAISE issues. Based on the SUNRAISE research framework, departments at partners higher education institutions in Bhutan, India and Russia develop their institutional and/or departments research agendas. Such agendas provide support to PhD (but also MSc/MA) students and their supervisors to identify the research topics and plan thesis contents relevent to the latest scientific and policy developments.

To consolidate the activities under the SUNRAISE research framework, dedicated PhD positions were created across the partnership to pursue the SUNRAISE agenda.

Research agendas and profiles of SUNRAISE partners

Research framework overview

Profiles of SUNRAISE PhD students

Profiles of PhD supervisors available in the SUNRAISE partnership

PhD programs available in the SUNRAISE partnership