SUNRAISE impact and achievements

During the project lifetime, the partners of SUNRAISE have implemented hundreds of activities aiming at creation of quality curriculum contents, development of capacities for better teaching and learning, streghthening links to international partners and stakeholder communities and, indeed, for dissemination the results we are so proud of. We hereby offer brochures ecompassing project achievements and their impact that can be found following this link.

The dissemination materials created to convey the SUNRAISE impact can be fiound here, the full lits of dissemination events can be found here, while the full range of dissemination activities is described here.

As a separate initiative aiming at understanding and spreading the SUNRAISE impact, we want to highlight the Outcome Dissemination Programme in the Rural Areas of the Middle Himalayan Mountains, Uttarakhand, India carried out by the team led by Prof. Prakash Tiwari (Kumaun University, Nainital) during September 1-30, 2021. This initiative has been leaunched in order to understand the current and perspective impact of SUNRAISE on local communities with poor or no Interner coverage, but which, however are in the centre of the community outreach by Kumaun University, Nainital, and which were very much in the focus of SUNRAISE survey and dissemination work during the first phase of the project, and have been continuosly addressed through curriculum development, research training (e.g. PhD thesis topics) and institutional building work by SUNRAISE. The report on the outcome dissemination program is available here.

Another important project outcome ensuring its long-term impact is the establishing of the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories at Gorno-Altaisk State University. First this came as a suggestion at the very beginning of the project, and it was due to the devoted work of the local SUNRAISE team at GASU and broad support from the international that the application to the UNESCO has been successfully submitted and approved. Now, with the Chair being established, SUNRAISE research and education has rubust institutional basis for further development at GASU! More information about the UNESCO Chair is available from the dedicated page.