Altai-Sayany sectoral colaboration platform

Stakeholder-academia collaboration platform for sustainable development of the mountain region of Altai and Sayany (Платформа для организации сотрудничества  по содействию устойчивому развитию Алтае-Саянского экорегиона)

This collaborative platform was set up by Gorno-Altaisk State University (Russia) and NGO "Altai-Sayany Mountain Partnership" in December 2018 in order to coordinate and steer interactions between the academia and stakeholders involved to sustainable managegement and governance over the vast mountain system of Altai and Sayany edging Russian Siberia from the South and reaching to Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. The platform was set-up as a national one for now. However, in order to ensure the sustainability of this unique bioregion, an ambition is to go international at certain point.

The idea of the Platform (as well as other activities of SUNRAISE) have been presented in Gorno-Altaisk to local stakeholders on a seminar of February 21, 2018 (see meeting agenda and the workshop summary), and the establishment of the Platform was announced and further promoted to stakeholders on the roundtable of February 26, 2019 (see meeting agenda and the roundtable summary report).

The Platform is open to join to any interested parties. Here is a a template agreement for the parties willing to join the Platform (RU only) and a registration form (RU only). The focal point for the Platform is Dr. Tatiana Yashina of Altai-Sayany Mountain Partnership (

As per October 2020, it was joined by:

More potential members have expressed their interest.

The report summarising Platform's activities since the foundation and through 2021 is available here.