GASU freshman students doing their very first field study

  • 20 July 2021

GASU first-year students received a perfect opportunity to turn into action the knowledge and skills they acquired while studying courses “Hydrology” and “Climatology with Basics of Meteorology.”  During their field practice, which took place in Kosh-Agach district, one of the most remote and high mountainous areas of the Altai Republic (about 2.500 m above sea level), future specialists in the field of ecology and environmental management got acquainted with the work of the glaciological station of Tomsk State University and carried out a number of studies with the help of equipment purchased thanks to the SUNRAISE financial support. 

Dr. Alexey Kokorin, the director of the Climate and Energy Program of WWF Russia and the Nobel Laureate for popularization of climate science jointly with other IPCC members, also took part in this field trip. Thus, the students could listen to fascinating lectures on climate change delivered by the world-famous climatologist and “accompanied” not with PowerPoint presentations, but real natural objects.