The winners of the photo-contest “Sustainable Development in Mountain and Arctic territories” are defined

  • 16 November 2020

The voting and awarding for the best photo in four nominations of the photo-contest devoted to Sustainable Development in Mountain and Arctic territories have been completed. The contest was a part of events organized within #ERASMUSDAYS-2020.

The voting took place on October 06-15, 2020 on SUNRAISE page in Facebook. After “likes” calculation and announcement of the jury decision, the winners were distributed in the nominations as follows:

  1. Winners in the nomination «Mountain and Arctic Landscape»:

Oksana Oreshnikova (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), photo: «Mininskiy Mist»

Vera Vodoleeva (Gorno-Altaisk, Russia), photo: «The reflection of dignity and beauty»

  1. Winners in the nomination «Indigenous People»:

Lyubov Ivashkina (Gorno-Altaisk, Russia), photo: «Getting an insight into the ancient world of warriors and spirits»

Anna Ivashkina (Gorno-Altaisk, Russia), photo: «Not yet the kaichi but who knows…»

  1.  Winner in the nomination «Flora and Fauna of Arctic and Mountain Areas»:

Margarita Usacheva (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), photo: «Erióphorum or Cotton Grass».

  1. Winner in the nomination «People and Nature in the Transboundary and Water Areas: ecosystems, issues, collaboration»:

Egor Gronskiy (Pskov, Russia), photo: «Longing for the meeting».

The first prize was given to Pavel Bezruchenko (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) for the photos «Life under the Arctic Sun», «Arctic is fantastic» и «In the stone of history».

The Audience Choice Award was given to Anatoliy Zhuravlev  (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) for the photo «Gate to Stars».

In the additional nomination called «The Youngest Participant» - NGO "Altai-Sayany Mountain Partnership", the prize was awarded to Yulia Vyuzhanina (Ust-Koksa village, Altai Republic, Russia) for the photos «My home-country», «Teletskoe Lake», «The Scent of the Flowers».