Lecture of Evgeny Vaganov “Russian Forests in terms of carbon deposit: science, practice, policies”

  • 28 October 2021

The lecture of Dr. Vaganov on “Russian Forests in terms of carbon deposit: science, practice, policies” was conducted within The ACT! webinar series (that also makes for the MOOC of SDGs for Arctic and mountain sustainability) that portray a diversity of SDG-related issues and challenges in relation to the Arctic and mountain areas, and offer analytical overview of relevant cases.

It covered the basic requirements to science i.e. more detailed and relevant measurement of forest (vegetation) absorbing capacity that could be achieved through:

  • Active international cooperation, for example collaboration and knowledge exchange with China as a country with great experience in conducting the similar research and activities in emission permit market;
  • Advancement of carbon budget measurement methods (by combination of terrestrial and distant methods);
  • Fostering the scientific and practicallyoriented works on carbon budget calculation for distinct territories.


Dr. Vaganov also mentioned that to decrease the carbon tax pressure on Russian industry and export processes, it’s necessary to increase implementation of low-carbon and renewable energy technologies as well as further development of carbon polygons that are exposed to multidisciplinary approaches in carbon disposal technologies application and more accurate assessment of its cycle in the industry and agriculture. He also noticed that new physics and chemical technologies of carbon sequestration are required to be more paid attention to.


More information on the topic is on SUNRAISE YouTube Channel (in Russian).